WOCCAC Impact Buea Youths In Three-Day Seminar

By Atabong Leke N.

A three-day seminar which ended May 31, 2019, was organised by an association of women known as Women Committed for Change in African Communities (WOCCAC). The seminar aimed at training youths on community development successes and failures and how to identify and write fundable projects to enhance community development.

The seminar which took place at Hotel St. Claire Conference Hall from May 29 – 31, 2019, saw the participation of many youths, youth association leaders, young entrepreneurs, and also trainers and facilitators from different fields of expertise. According to Madam Tekwe Martha president and founder of WOCCAC “the seminar was organised to train youths on community development issues, as we thought it is the right time for youths to get implicated in nation building”. To her these youths will get back into their communities and create positive impacts. One of the participants Kong Cynthia was very positive at the end of the seminar “I am living this place able to put up a project for any need that I can identify in the community”.


A total of three projects written by the youths during the seminar will be sponsored by WOCCAC at the sum of 500,000FCFA each.



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