Students pick holes with transcript processing


A good number of students have raised issues concerning their transcripts The Chariot has gathered. They are pointing accusing fingers at those in charge of processing and producing the transcripts.
A final year Faculty of Education student, Tanga Fildin said, “I have to spend an additional year in UB due to an error on my transcript which was not corrected on time because of delay from Computer Service”. He continued by saying that he applied three times for the transcript with the same problem and it has cost him a lot of money. “My result for teaching practice was absent on my transcript after the second semester and when I complained at the faculty, they told me it has been rectified. So I applied the second time, still the same error was on my transcript again. Meanwhile he said he is supposed to be graduating this December but his name is absent on the graduation list. He continued by saying that “I have applied again for the error to be rectified and I am hoping that this time things would be well, so that my name can be included in the second list. “The transcript has always been an issue since the history of the University of Buea” so he said. He suggested that the issue can be solved at the level of the department because the lecturers there are responsible for the keying of student’s marks.

A level 300 Management, Kingsley Atem said, “I was given a zero CA mark in one of my major courses on my transcript and I have applied for correction three different times. After the third time, nothing was done; so I decided to carry the course all over again because I am tired of complaining for one and the same problem “. At this, he is calling on the authorities to implement proper policies on how to put an end to this issue of delay in correcting and receiving transcripts because there are many other students who are undergoing the same problem.

A journalism major student, Stephen Enow complained that he was given a zero exam mark in a course entitled JMC 409 during the first semester. He said when he applied for correction, his complaint was given no attention and each time he goes to the department or Transcript Office to check if the errors have been rectified, “I was chased out like a dog” so he said. And after about three months, he became tired and gave up but fortunately for him, his supervisor called him one day and told him to reapply for his transcript because the errors had been corrected and for this reason, his name was included on the graduation list. He said, “I have applied again for another transcript hoping that there won’t be errors.” He further called on the authorities to enforce the spirit of commitment because to him, the reason for all the mistakes on student’s transcripts is as a result of lack of commitment on the part of the staff in charge. He also suggested that, there should be a cordial relationship between lecturers and students as well as staff working at the Transcript Office.

Furthermore, a CST /History student complained about the poor manner in which the workers at the Transcript Office address students who come applying for transcripts. She said that, most of the time, the workers sit in their offices doing nothing while students are lined up outside waiting for or to collect their transcripts. “Whenever I apply for a transcript, be it fast or super fast mode, I will rather come back after four or five days later to collect it because usually when I come after a day or two, I will be told to go and come back the following day after I must have waited for hours” so she said. She concluded by suggesting that the authorities should employ more staff at the Transcript Office in order to facilitate the working process because to her, the reason for the many mistakes on student’s transcripts is because the Computer Service is under staffed



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